Friday, January 21, 2005

East Coast with 05S61

Yoyoyo~ We had a great time together dun we? 05S61 rocks!

And I think our class is super nice... We spare thoughts for other ppl. I like it. ^_^

Got tan-ner... Expected yar? Played captain's ball on e beach... E sand is so hot but very nice~ Hehe... Then went roller-blading... Yu Qing kept wanting to find her jie so I accompanied her... Then she so cute say she shldn't leave me alone walking back den came to accompany me... Little did she know that I'm ok with myself... Anw she's cute and nice~ ^_^

Cheerios to u, Tian Jiao, Yu Qing is a great friend.

Ah Xuetying! Din get to take photos with u and the class!!!! Saddened... Nvm nvm we've time! Next time k? Yay!

Smsed Charms and wondering why she hasn't replied... =(

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