Friday, December 31, 2004

P sch friends gathering + Sec sch friends BBQ gathering

P sch friends gathering...

29th of dec... Well since mum doesn't allow me to go Sentosa with Xiaoyou and all, means I can go for P sch friends gathering right? Yay... At least I can go out. Anyway met at 1pm at Tampines mrt station... There is like forever our gathering place. Took Yonghui (YH)'s uncle shun4 feng1 che1 there. Then when we reached, only saw PK leaning against the pillar... Gonna fell asleep any minute hahaha. He juz came back from chalet and wanted to go back home for a shower and a nap. Alex came and tried to stop him from doing so but apparently failed lar... Hahaha meanwhile Shihan (SH) came and join us. Then she said that Phileo gonna be late so Alex is e only guy ard! Poor boy! So he went TM foodcourt to eat while e 3 of us shopped ard...

YH wanted to buy bras hahaha but in e end din lar... Then went to find Alex, Alex went to find Phileo and in e end we met at MJ. Then we set off for City Hall coz YH needa get her $$. Alex was telling us that he saw Daph and her bf along the way... But we absolutely din expect to actually see her at the MRT station! YH SH and I actually juz walked past coz we din see her! Then we were so shocked when Phileo and Alex told us dat we walked past Daph dat we ran! I dunno why we ran away anyway. So we walked to say hello to Daph and her bf. WAH Daph dressed soooooooooooo mature-ly although her height (erh-herm... hehe) kinda betrays her. Both of them all black like qing2 lv3 zhuang1 liddat bleah~ Alex kept talking abt RJ (ok guess we can't find any topic dat's why). After dat they went off to Expo Coffee Bean... SH said mabbe they were on a double-date. *shrugs shrugs* dunno anything lar...

Raffles City... YH went to collect $$ so we went walking ard the place... Talked and talked abt schools and jcs and stuff... YH came to join us then PK came along and we were like WOW... Hahaha coz he was wearing dis red T-shirt with a black buttoned shirt (erm wadeva it's called... sorrie I dunno :P) and a red wrist band looked so hip-hop so unlike him. Hahaha enough of the teasing so off we went downstairs. YH's colleagues gave her popcorn for free! So nice! We shared the popcorn and apparently can't finish it! And e guys were still screaming for more at the beginning... Aiyo

Then we walked Citylink (dunno e no. how many times walked along there this hols) to Suntec City coz it's too early for steamboat... it was then we realised that the group of us were either wearing black or white! It's so super cool coz it's like bu4 yue1 er2 tong2! Serious!
Blackies--> PK, YH and ME!
Whities-->SH, Alex and Phileo!
SH was e observant one who noticed dat first... Coz we were walking in pairs den like one line black and e other white... Hahaha ppl who dunno will think that we set a dress code for dis outing! Cool let's do dat next time shall we? Hehehe...

Suntec... Saw Geoff and we were so damn shocked again! Wad's with today? Kept seeing ex-sch mates who dun really belong to our group... Anw guys went arcade to play and we juz watched... After that set off for Marina Bay MRT station... Took the only bus 400 there... Stopped in front of the arcade... SH YH and Alex saw a couple of their DHS mates... PK was like hey Alex u're not so nerdy as compared to ur sch mates! Ok dat's kinda mean but not e point! Then we went to the beach nearby to see the beautiful sky and sea and buildings which seem so far away. Played with Alex's digi cam while I regretted not bringing my cam. Mad called to confirm her and Mui Yee's presence here so we went to get them b4 going for steamboat At Zhen4 Fa1 Huo3 Seafood Shop...

Anyway we were trying to stop Alex from asking that qn (which jc u're going ah?) coz it's becoming a lil irritating hahahaha he can't stop asking that qn! Other than that like nothing to ask liao hehehe... OH YA WE SAW SU HUI AND HER FRIENDS AT MARINA BAY WHILE WE'RE BY THE BEACH LIKE SO OMG! Hahaha shocked once again to see an ex sch mate at such a wulu place. Eh? Was dat day a meet-ex-sch-mate day?

Ok so we're all set for the steamboat dinner! Each paid $12... The food is considerably nice and the prawns and crabs are seriously the most fresh ard! Oh ya the seating was like this--> (going clockwise) Me, YH, Alex, PK, SH, Phileo, Mad, Mui Yee... Hehehe let's go on to the most interesting part lar... The opening and washing of crabs and "throwing" of live prawns into the soup! Bleah~ sounds cruel. Anyway the guys did the crabs part... Took a video of their inexpert ways of doing so... So funny! Then for the prawns... Phileo put one on the Aluminium foil... Tried to cook it there and POOF! After a while it jumped up and scared everyone off their seats esp Phileo coz it nearly jumped onto him! hahaha omg... YH found this all very sick and refused to take any of the prawns hehehe while I joined in the fun (realised the P6.1 2000 batch guys and gal (dat's me) are sadistic ppl... oops) Then Phileo said dat putting prawns into the soup makes the soup sweeter and the prawns taste nicer and plus they can't jump out that easily... So all of us did so. The entire thing was a hilarious process and we all laughed non-stop and if I'm not wrong everyone looked at us! Bleah... Well I dunno lar but it's not dat cruel for me ba... they're for eating mah! If anyone says dat's very cruel... Well convert to vegetarian? Coz meat all derived from live animals mah... Not scolding anyone here ok? Really...

PK tried shaking "hands" with the crab which is apparenly chopped into pieces?! That part was toot but funny as well. Hehehe Mad and Mui Yee damn cute kept cooking and putting the food onto YH and my plates... thank you two! ^_^ YH kept drinking soup to calm herself down after seeing the prawns scene... Then PK was giving a hilarious speech abt his mum... Wad treat ya house like a hotel come back for a bath, sleep and eat then go out again... The way he put it is funny lar... Bleah

By the time reached home... Ard 11pm... Latest ever. Bought Zhui Gui home... Stayed up for dunno wad... Slept late again... bleah

Hey! Alex! If u're reading dis... Muz go and organize a meeting on 8th of Feb k? Yes it's u again!
Sec sch friends (409) BBQ gathering...

30th of dec... heyhey BBQ with 409 ppl! Reached there (Huiyan's place--> Summerhill) at ard 7pm and they were trying to get the fire started. EmEm is really good with the BBQ stuff man... She's really a good GG live up to her name! Ngoh ngoh u better learn from her ah... Hmph! Hehehe then wad oh at first dere's only Steph, Charms, Xiaoyou, EmEm and Ngoh Ngoh there... After that a whole lot of ppl came down! My darlings Meanmean, Vanny Oh, Ah Leng, Boonie, Ah Bin, Xiaogui, Charl Kwa, Debby, Kaikai, Lee Fangz, Ah Lam, Yi Yi, Huiyan-er, Lychee, Yiling, Lemon, Kitty, Chewy, Dawndy... Did I miss out anyone? Pls tell me k thx a lot!

Pure fun for the night~ Went up to Huiyan's house with Ah Leng for the first time to get her Xmas cards for us... It's such a beauty thank you soooooooo much dear. Oh ya lemme thank all who gave me e Xmas cards!

Thanx to...
~ Binnie! 1st to give me the sweet polar bear Xmas card. Thx again 4 coming 2 my perf! Ai4 Ni3
~ Charms! 2nd to give me the expensive Xmas card... luv ya loads too and best friends 4eva!
~ Xiaogui! ur lovely hand-made card melted my heart... Dun care abt Binnie, I luv ya! ^_^
~ Lemon! ur card is Kawaii das! thx so much and happy boy-gazing at HC! Hehehe jk jk
~ Ah Ju! nice and simple but full of qing2 yi4... Thx for ur xin1 yi4 and happy JC life too!
~ Charl Kwa! Lovely card with photo... I'll nv forget u woman. Luv ya and cya ard my darling'
~ Ngohngoh! Wow ur art is certainly improving... My influence right? hehehe luv ya dear!
~ Steph! ELF eh? Are u hinting dat I'm short? Huh huh HUH! Hehehe Luv ya plus Ai4 Ni3
~ Ah Leng! Oooo another lovely card... hey oh my how am I to forget u pls? Dun 4get me too!
~ Sher! Lovely bookmark from HK... right? Yar it's lovely enough though words fainted. Luv ya!
~ Keke! No wonder u're in AEP ur card is simply irresistable I luv it! Thx I luv u too! Muacks!
~ HZ! Really touched to receive ya card... Yes dun doubt my cheng2 yi4... LOVE YA LOADS!!!
~ Liling! Once again... Touched to receiev ya card and thx 4 e photo taken at ur condo one right? Wo3 mei2 wang4 ji4... Really... Thx so much and LOVE YA LOADS TOO!!!
~ Yehao Kao! Sent ur lovely cat-card from Taiwan. It's hung at my door... Sweet~ Thx! Cya!
~ Shihan! Heyhey I'll never forget u coz I've fallen in love with u! Jk Jk hehe friends 4eva~

Did I miss out anyone? Pls do inform me k? Thx thx thx!

This 2004 christmas... I realised once again... That I have lots of lovely friends... Luv ya all, everyone out there who loves me as well

Ok enough of thx... Back to BBQ... Took so many pix at the "cave" near the swimming pool there... hahaha of course I took with my Xiaoyou! YAY~ hahaha convinced that I miss ya a lot not? hehehe u muz be convinced lor... Coz it's true! Bleah~ Out there they were taking some OMG photos... pretending to be les couples! I saw Kitty and Boonie "lesing" as well as Lemon and Huiyan "lesing" EEKS! Hahaha wad a sight! Then the security guard complained that we're too noisy and wanted us to get out of the pool... :'( Miaow~

Read Vanny's ju4 ben3 halfway only then muz go le! *saddened* I wanna continue reading it's really interesting though it sounds a bit like Naruto and a bit of Harry Potter but it's nice combi of both! Esp. when u're juz a beginner I cldn't write any better than that of urs dear! Muz let me read next time we meet k? hehehe

Thx Charl Kwa's mummy for giving us a ride... Latest ever reached home at 11.30pm... Hehehe real fun.

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