Monday, December 13, 2004

I quit!

Hahaha ok I set the title as "I quit!" coz that's wad I said and also the only thing I said for the sec 2 Transformation Competition. Anyway we grasped the championship for that competition and it once again proved that last minute work really works for us! *grinz*

Aside from that, yar ppl, finally... After 10 whole yrs... I've quitted. I bid farewell to DES today. So it's a totally remarkable day for me. Impossible for me not to submit a blog entry on this big event. A change in my life. Something which I was used to... The source of almost all my sadness and sorrows and disappointments was removed... Out of my life. I came in here, 10 yrs ago, smiling and hopeful. I left here, 10 yrs later, still smiling and hopeful. The expression is the same. I never shed a tear when I left. Not even near to crying. I dun feel the urge at all, to say honestly. I asked Charms... Am I too heartless? And she comforted me... Telling me that it's alright and that I shld rejoice as I'm finally released from the prison which had held me for 10 yrs. I sorta agree with her. So I can go baking at ur house this week dear. =) Hehe out of point. I guess the only thing I'll miss... Is the children. They're lovely. They make me realise and witness innocence. Anyway 10 yrs here... I really learnt a lot.... apart from e feeling of being ostracized. Kinda learn how ugly e society is.

I dun like to regret... So I shall declare that I never regret joining. At the same time, I never regret leaving. If any DES ppl happen to be seeing this, pls take note. I dun leave or join any associations simply because of SOMEONE. I leave or join after weighing what it can afford to give me and what I can afford to give it. When it can't satisfy me or when I can't satisfy it, that's the time I say good-bye.

The sensitivity of issues stop me from giving reasons as to why I left this place. But ppl, when u decided to leave this place, the reason which will perhaps be my reason may dawn on u... That's when u'll know. =)

For now... How abt a list of DES Ppl whom I really appreciate and am glad to know them there?

~ Danyi Jie. For me, she's the best of all JieJies there... I'm really sad that I can't be ur assistant coz u're such a nice person and I'll be glad to serve. But... Due to unforeseen circumstances... I'm sorry. Stay happy forever.
~ Yehao Kao. U're my gege... So wad can I say? Of course I'm glad to know u. And u've said, the next time u'll be back in Singapore, many things will change. And here I am presenting one of the changes to u. =)
~ Ah Jing. E committment of ppl in band... It's really cool. And ur cool attitude... as well as straightforward no-beating-abt-e-bush character. =) And of course, ur friendliness. Thx for asking me out for "branch" that day. That's like if I'm not wrong the first and probably last time someone from AG class actually ask me out. =)

I've seen so many ppl coming and leaving... And now, I witness my own departure. No one said good-bye to me... But I shall say,

Good-bye to DES... And all its ppl

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