Monday, December 20, 2004

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Erm went Charm's house to bake peanut butter cookies...Hahaha apparently both of us are not so pro... Our cookies were quite erm...Yar u noe hahahaha. I put my share into e bag and ooo guess wad when I took it out when I'm in my dad's car, it has turned into crumbs! Hahaha bro suggested mixing it with ice cream... But in e end mum threw it away :(
Anyway it's a nice time spent with Charms... Spent the time talking abt so much stuff...Thanx Charms! Oh ya the stones and the cute lil stuff toy that u brought back from NZ and gave me are nice! Esp the stones they're so cool. Thx!

Went out with bro to his friend's daughter's 1 yr old birthday party. Oh my, his daughter, by e name of Natalie (nice name), is soooooooooo super cute! There's a special brightness in her eyes which strongly hint that she's going to grow up to be a very clever gal... She's so cute! She knows how to make e sounds of bees buzzing, cows mooing, dogs panting etc etc. And she kept pointing here and there! So cute!
Anyway b4 we went to the party, we went to get a digital camera! Oh my it's such a beauty... The new olympus µ-mini digital... U know, the one on ad recently with Jeon Ji-Hyun. Yar... Mine is silver in colour. Oh ya ppl, if u go and buy dat kinda very ex stuff like digi cams or video cams, do go online and search for the best price and bring it to the shop. U see, b4 we buy the digi cam, my bro went online and search for e best price. We presented it to the person who tended us... initially the cam shld be $649... But then we only need to pay $562... It's quite a huge difference u know... Yar... Take note ppl!
Then after that spent the day with bro lar... went shopping and stuff... tried looking for new conan series but sadly it's not yet out! :(
Anw... It's the best present I ever received. Not coz it's ex or wad...But it's juz that it has been such a long time dat we survived w/o cam. Thx so damn much my brother!

Someone came my house to actually quan4 me to go back to DES and be an assistant… That and the argument with my mum which followed actually caused my moodiness. Sorry abt that Xiaoyou...
Anyway yar... The idea of being juz an assistant at DES and to be with the kids again... Well somehow quite welcoming. Coz the only thing I like abt DES are the kids. They can be irritating sometimes but well... it's smtg called childishness and innocence. They reminded me that I was once like them.
Come to think of it... That argument aroused probably coz I've been oppressed by that “DES” abbreviation for too long a time. And that I hate it when mum always decide things on behalf of me. Guess wad? She said that I'm not of age... but hey I'm like turning 17??? And also...She said that everything I own comes easily w/o any trouble. And wad did I say? Oh ya... I said that yar esp the chance to quit from DES coz I actually waited for 4 entire years. I dunno I dunno... When he came and quan4 me, the first thing that came to my mind is that I dun wanna go back to that place... But then again...For the kids, like wad my bro said...Anyway the process of quan4-ing was quite funny. Coz he was standing by my room's door, with hands shifting here and there from the door to the door frame...And he kept rotating and shifting his butt! After effects for dancing too long? Aha... Mabbe. Erh-herm...Anyway I tried and OF COURSE din look down. Btw... I'm not zhen1 dui4-ing anyone here pls. And I din say it's good or bad.
Erm... Haha... Yar. Anyway... Not very funny if u're me :(

Today... well got a new haircut and rebonded again... Second time. Well I think the haircut is quite ok lar not bad… I dun look abnormal. Which is good enough for me... At least I look human. Hehe… Anyway sat there in the salon from 2.30pm to 7.30pm... Around there...5 hrs lar... Still ok. 1st time I did it, it lasted for ard 7hrs if I’m not wrong...
Going out with Charms and all tml... Mum not very happy but well *shrugs*
I’m going

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