Tuesday, December 28, 2004


26TH Dec
Hmm...Ok went out with Liting and Charms. S'pose to meet at 12 at City Hall mrt station. Dad dropped me at Raffles Hotel there and I got lost. Finally managed to go to the mrt station there. Met them, walked to Suntec City, buy tix for Phantom of the Opera...Movie starting at 3.40pm so went to eat b4 we window-shopped at marina square... Kao there's nothing there lor... Quite boring. Sigh... Nvm anyway after that we walked back to Suntec City for our movie and I was damn shocked to see someone from DES again. Really shocked... Coz this is the 2nd time I saw someone from DES. As in, I seldom see anyone I know on the streets when I go out... See as in bu4 yue1 er2 tong2. 1st time I saw someone I know was in PS (Ah leng and er-herm). 2nd time was someone from DES (JB) on the streets as we (charms, ngoh, me) were walking towards PS. 3rd time was dat day...someone from DES as well. Really quite shocked thought my eyes were fooling me. Hahaha
Phantom of the Opera is GOOD... Lasts for 2hrs man in e end forced to rush back home. Mum unhappy... reached home ten min past seven. Hack lar we shall forget the unhappy things.

27th Dec
YAY! We watched a bit of Naruto episode 86-106... If I'm not wrong. NARUTO ROCKS! Ok ok shall relax a bit... Always excited when it comes to Naruto. Oh ya b4 dat we watched xin1 jing3 cha2 gu4 shi4... the plot is COOL. Of course lar killing cops as a game is not funny... But the idea is juz interesting lar. Anyway watched halfway and the DVD went berserk. Sighz nvm next time we shall check properly b4 buying so now the story is hung unfinished.
At night went Dai Kao Fu's house for bbq (bbq again!)...Nothing much lar juz like the previous times. Saw a cat hiding in the bush. Kept miaowing... Gave lots of fish meat to it and it still miaowed for more. Hehehe quite cute lor... Looks a lil like Neko but my Neko is the BEST! :)
Drank macardi and another alcoholic drink which tastes like ice cream soda... Super nice. Hahaha din get drunk! Yay...
Went home, online, bathed, watch Mayday on Shi1 Zi4 Lu4 Kou3... Sleep

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