Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve's Eve and Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve's Eve...
Went early in e morning to watch "Gong Fu" with bro... It's quite funny lar. Quite a nice movie... But bro laughed very loud hahaha so funny... Then after that went shop around TM and Century Square. There's so many ppl at TM... Guess coz it's Christmas Eve's Eve. Hahaha oh that reminds me of smtg... Ngoh ngoh is so funny dat day we went out she was like "eh isn't 23rd of dec Christmas Eve?" Charms and I nearly dieded man. Bleah~ Blur lil' gal!

Anyway saw Phileo at the Sembawang shop of century square... not very shocked coz he msged to tell me that he's near there... He's in TJ too! And heard that PK is in TJ too... Ah... Dun have to worry abt me being the only nygh gal in TJ then. Bleah... I wasn't worried abt that in e first place. Versatile mah! Hahaha jk la jk... Boast so much~ Anyway yar... That time I was the only TPS person to come NYGH as well. So I shld be able to get used to stuff soon! Quite excited abt JC life!

Then at night we went to downtown east area for BBQ... FamilieS gathering. Bingzhi's, Ah Ruo's, Zihan's and my family. Well quite successful I guess. After BBQ Ah ruo, bingzhi, bingcheng and I went for a walk. Walked one whole round abt the area. Then during the walk bingzhi and I tried to scare Ah ruo hahaha so funny... Then after that went Cheers... wanted to buy alcoholic drinks but scared the adults not very happy abt it. Bleah~ Anyway I'm not so open to the extent of drinking a bottle of drink that a guy has drunk previously. Erm either I spent too much time with loads of gals or erm... The world has changed? Bleah bleah bleah I dunno lar. But I think I'm normal. MIAOW~

Christmas Eve...
Today! Hahaha confirmed I'm not going back to DES. ^_^ Seriously there must be smtg wrong... Either with me or with DES. I'm not sad or regretful abt leaving DES at all! It's juz joy and happiness. And I'm really excited abt 2005~ It's really a turning point in my life! No DES... New JC life... New environment... New dance school... Oh ya I've switched to nanyang acad of fine arts to learn dance! So many challenges waiting for me...
But on e other hand... I dun want hols to end so SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
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