Thursday, December 09, 2004

Brief Summary...

Erm... Yo! Wad happened these few days? Actually nothing much ba... Yar kept dancing and dancing everyday! I pity my poor pets! They're so poor darlings! Esp. my cat Neko... coz he's like "stuck on us". He can't really stand it being at home w/o any human accompanying him... And when I'm at dance I miss it a lot too! ='( MIAOW~

And and and I miss...

Stephy! She's been supporting me at all times! And she's away in US now... Miss ya! 9 days yar?

Charms! Oh my I dunno if u're back yet but I know u'll be back soon... Miss ya so so much! YES I CAN SEE U ON E DAY OF MY PERF!

Ah leng! Miss her craziness man... And yes! I can see her on e day of perf too! Oh yar forgot to state that I saw her and KK in PS when I'm with my P sch mates... hehehe bleah

Xiaoyou! Nothing lor I juz miss her loads too... Thx for forwarding e "best friends" sms to me! Muz go out together k?! *muacks*

Meanmean and Vanny Oh! I juz miss them lor... Love it when I'm with them... Coz they're a crazy bunch of nuts! Hahahaha~ I am too!

Xiaogui and ah bin! Miss their "fishy" here and "fishy" there... And they've e same msn nick! Oh my I do smell smtg fishy going on... Hehehe

Pammie! Her lame and crazy comments and siao siao movements! So cute~ Go out k?

Ngohngoh! Juz... Miss her crazy ways too! Her funny laughter and everything! (",)

Charl K! My dear sha kwa who's really far from a real sha kwa~ U make me realised that baking is cool and heaps of fun! Sorry for causing dat mess at ur grandparents' house dat day... And ur grandparents are really cool~

Vanny H! Miss baking with u coz u're so cute... Tried to do gongfu while preparing e stuff... Hehe

Dawndy! Sorry that I can't go out with u on dat day otherwise we'll have private time alone and can understand each other better! U're a great pal! Go out k?

Debby and Zhen! Juz their crazy ways when they're put together! Juz watching them will bring me joy and laughter... Great friends!

Basically, to ALL: Go out one day k? Coz I miss u all so much!

Kao Kao coming back from reservice today! So it's a BIG day!
(He ate my chocs yesterday but nvm lar coz I ate a lot le!)

Jing1 Tian4 Tian4 Qi4 Hao3 Qing2 Lang3~

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