Thursday, December 02, 2004

2nd of Dec

2nd day of dance examinations... Was on reception duty
Well... Today is not a good day in any case.
Made to run around e NYGH area there... KAO was so damn pissed with dat stupid woman who landed me in this stupid plight...
Naruto really rulez! Can't believe I've think abt it only twice today... once when Shiyun mentioned... Once now... Hahaha
Let's see... I cut veggie carrots and corn today, wash them, slice them, cut dofu, taste food...
Oh ya Rachel! Thx for putting my half-melted ice-cream back into e fridge. Luv ya!
Oh man... U 2 ah... better he2 hao3 soon pls! U all shld be very good friends mah~
Tml reception work in e morning... At night my cousin's wedding dinner.
Wedding dinner... Shld they be happy or wad? Coz ppl always say "hun1 ying1 shi4 ai4 qing2 de4 fen2 mu4"... So wedding and funeral like juz a line away? Sheesh... Juz dat's wedding is not abt physical life and death...
Concerns me meh? Most prob not going to marry lor... hahahaha most prob
Wonder how's tml?

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