Thursday, November 25, 2004

First time baking with friends!

Ok today was quite cool~

Anyway today is NYGH open house for e P6 ppl who juz received their results yesterday... So charms yue1 me to NYGH to see their dance progress and stuff like dat... Help out or smtg. So I went la. WAH KAO guess wad? I waited for my bus for like around 1/2 hr!? I was quite pissed... If not for my Naruto comic which I brought along, I really wonder how am I going to survive. Ok so finally my bus is here and I boarded! *duh*

Ok anyway my Naruto accompanied me throughout e whole trip... Well for ur info, I take a whole hour to read juz one comic book. Then charms was like ok then vanny oh will take 1/2 hr right? Den I was like yar I think so... So which means my brother takes 15 min or less than that to read one comic book. -_- I am so lousy... Even Xiaoyou said so. But HEY!? Says who!? Xiaoyou?! U dun have zi1 ge2 lor~ Hahaha dun say le later dao me again.

Then there was this weird old man who came on bus and tried to read my comic as well! He's sitting behind me then I was like lean forward so he can't touch me or see or wadeva anything! Hahaha then after juz like 1 min then he stopped looking le. Well I wasn't scared at all... hahaha why ah? Bleah mabbe I was so indulged in Naruto. To Van Oh, Huiyan, Lulu: NARUTO RULEZ!

Anyway yar dis family got on e bus... Talking abt e future of dis boy among them... Juz got his PSLE results la... Erm 2 As and 2A*s... Ok lor... Hahaha hey i got 1A and 3A*s le! Hahaha jk jk... Not hinting anything yar? Bleah anyway he's wondering whether to go TCHS or RV... Sounds a bit like us... Wondering to go for HC or RJ... Bleah

Dance nothing much lar... Jialing offered help though. THANKS JIALING! Luv ya! :)

After that went Charl's house to bake. While waiting for charl haha... Erm... I read comic again! And charms was like eh stop reading la u can read at home... But I muz finish e bk I have in hand b4 i can "rest in peace"... hahaha anyway it was raining hard... Good thing I din get moody... I always do when it rains... Most of e time anyway. Too excited today lar... Hahaha... so me charms steph vanny hwang were waiting at e bus stop. My, thunder were quite loud but for me erm I can take it lor... Not afraid of it but the others were like EEKS! ARGH! hahaha damn cute esp Stephy keep on screaming! Kawaii! I love u steph! Hahaha and on and on reading comic till i finish! *I gonna read after I finish dis*

So at charl's grandparents' house... We baked cookies and cake... So nice! Very fun! I won't forget dis women! Hehe... And charl's grandparents very sporty and loving... So damn cool! They went to all kinds of places! Burma... New Zealand... England... Switzerland etc etc... So nice! And oh charl's grandparents bought all kinda stuff from diff countries too! Hahaha I was laughing like siao when I saw e plant thingy which will move when e sensor picks up light... Coz charl and I were like imitating e movement of those plant thingy sold in shops in Orchard... Like dat *tense up shoulders, release* hahaha smtg liddat lar... Den u'll go up and down and up and down. Of course, ur hands muz be held in right position! Hahaha damn funny anyway...

Cool day dears! Thx for everything! Love ya~

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