Sunday, November 21, 2004

A day a day a day~

Ok so on friday night I went out with my brother to Tampines Mall/ Square... Always unable to differentiate both nvm they're juz side by side. Dat's not e point in any case.

Ok so... The movie was due at 9.40pm... And apparently we got there late... So we got the first row tickets... U noe... U can really lean back at ur seat for neck-support by the seat. Bleah anw dat's not e point as well. The advertisements actually lasted for entire 20 minutes which is like wah kao damn boring and Kao went out twice to get nachos with cheese which in e end we were unable to finish... Anw he crammed it down. Anw dat's not e point as well... here's e point...

I was waiting for my bro to return from his trip to e food stall... Den I heard someone talking from e second row. I was like... Hmmm omg dat sounds damn so much like PK... My p sch mate. Can't be anyone who sounds so damn alike right? So I turned around expecting to see someone who's tall and bespectacled and looked dumb (oops in case u're reading dis... Juz jk!) but I dun think I saw lor... Anyway it was so dark in e cinema. So anw I was like hack lar cannot be so damn qiao3 right... So incredibles went on... It's a great great great movie man! Pls go watch! It's wonderful I love it! Kao and I laughed like mad... And somemore it's Kao's second time watching he laughed like siao lor hahaha so funny....

Be Happy~

Anyway after dat... on sat night I mean... I msg PK and after some confirmations we realised dat HE WAS E ONE I HEARD! Omg... So dat person with donald duck's voice is really PK lor ahahah damn funny...

Anyway PPL! TPS Ppl! Muz go for Kbox or East Coast k? Can spend time together again! We can afford mah after Os le! HAHAHAHAHA~

Last note *Love ya 4/9*

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