Friday, October 01, 2004


Ppl... Thx so so so so so so much! I really love ya all a lot and I'm really proud of all of u... Everyone will get to go to a vvv gd JC or a JC of ya choice for e first 3 months... I'm really proud of u all...

I really hope I will be able to enjoy that luxury after receiving my O level results.

Mum is right. Totally. I'm that kinda person who dun "function" well when I'm with a class of ppl who are like much academically inclined than I am. I "function" better with ppl around my own standard... Which is probably why I can do well for Sec 1 and 2. Weird... But I guess dat's me.

I cried for like around 10min... In e room, with my cat with me. Mum ironing clothes. I cried... But I dunno why... Results? JC? Friends? Guilt? Mabbe... More for my incapability to accept the truth when I shld. Like wad Dawndy said, learn to accept. I have to learn. At least I will gain some experience which may come in handy later on in my life. My cat stared at me... Is it me or wad? I feel that it despises me... For my weakness.

I won't give up. No way.

Be with me, my friends. I luv ya all...

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