Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Last Day

Strangely, I did not cry. For days, I dread the coming of today... The last day we spent together as a class. However, when the reality struck, it's like... I juz dun have e urge to cry... The atmosphere was not there...

I wonder if anything will be different for Graduation Ceremony.

Yesterday, I was e last one to leave the class. When I looked at the vacant classroom... The orangey noticeboard... The empty whiteboard... The stationary fans... The open windows... The dirty curtains... Somehow, smtg is missing. An important element. Then I realised- It's e liveliness and vitality of our class which make e so original and boring classroom extraodinary and special... To every 4 niners and tchrs of 4/9.

All those are e factors which contributed to my writing of dat dunno-wad-izzit on e board...

Next morning, apparently this morning, e moment I entered e class, ppl around me were like OMG u wrote dat? So poetic lor! Well frankly speaking if u were me in dat kinda situation, u'll be able to write stuff perhaps even more shi1 qing2 hua4 yi4 den I did. Anyway weeleng forbid me to erase e stuff...And I simply wasted 4 sms asking ppl to help me erase (coz I'm always like... one of e latest to reach sch? As in not realli late but borderline late) Then Wu Lao Shi wrote "zhen1 hao3!" under my poem...

1st lesson: Math. Mr Khoo was quite mad at us for not cleaning e board. Like "so when r u all gonna clean e board?" I was quite erm... Shocked lar... Charms was like "omg why is he so unfeeling?" den steph was like rolling her eyes and say "wad's wrong with him?"... Seriously I dunno why I'm quite touched. Realli. And den when Yiling went up to clean e board, she only cleaned other stuff and not my poem or wadeva is dat. Den ya Mr Khoo was angry... "why aren't u all cleaning dat away? Finished reading? Enough?" Den Vanny Oh was like trying to copy e thing down and Ah Leng kept looking back at me. For me, once lost is lost. Esp e things I wrote. If it's destined to be lost, I'll juz accept it. Anyway ya, it was erased. Not by 4 niners but him.

Then we were doing Math... I was solving a Math problem, charms doing illegal stuff when he approached us... (So charms was like trying to cover her stuff... hahaha)Den he suddenly said "Yingying, u're such an emotional girl" Erm den charms and I were laughing... Dunno why... Lost for words. Den he was like we've to face reality that an end is an end and blah blah blah all e cliche stuff... Den he ended with... "Yingying u're a realli emotional, or rather sentimental girl..."

Isn't everyone like that? I mean, yes we're made by science but hey there's this non-scientific element dat's in us... Which makes us human beings... And e element is none other den emotions. Following this major element comes lit and art. Beautiful things which colour e Earth.

Wu Lao Shi made fried dumplings for us... She's such a nice tchr... But dat's e problem... Dat's why she always got bullied by us... hahaha... Den recess we had buffet... Quite pathetic but ya... Quite interesting lar... 1st time ever

Me- Bought 2 packets of Mamme noodles and hashbrown from Drinks stall
Xiaoyou- Chicken from Local delight (so lan lor)
Weeleng- 2 packets of Sushi from Jap stall

Only 3 of us were in for e buffet thingy but well... Still... Quite nice lar... Not bad. *grinz*

Den after dat... Took so many photos. Ppl pls send me all those photos k? Hahaha Thx...

Here, I must say smtg. I love u all! I love u all! Esp Charms, Xiaoyou, Leng, Kwa, Steph, Xiao Gui, Zhen, Debby, Pam, Sher, Vanny Oh, Binnie, Ngoh ngoh and many many others... Basically everyone lar. I love u all.

Today, I was e last to leave e classroom... Again. Looking at e once again empty classroom, I felt a dull sense of inevitability.

Is there anything anything that lasts forever?

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