Sunday, October 24, 2004

Grad Ceremony

A day late... I'm sorry

Anyway... Nothing seems different for Grad Ceremony. Well I muz admit that there were occasions when I'm near tears but not to e extent of breaking down. Juz touched.

Mabbe e last day of Os? Mabbe... E feeling of tears trickling down... Kinda miss it

Anyway went HC and RJ open house on fri... I was so damn convinced that I'll go for HC... BUT... RJ sounds so enticing. I dunno why... Mrs Ng gave us (ah leng, charms, zanne and me) an inspiring talk yesterday and well... E thing is now I feel that I'll like a change in environment and ppl. I'll feel comfortable in HC and I like it there. The thing is, I know all these w/o even having to go there and experience it myself. And I dun really like things that are predictable... Not dun like but... U noe... A little boring? New challenge sounds tempting honestly... But RJ culture... Erh. I'm juz kinda... Well not really... I can get along with myself pretty well. Another thing is dat I think i can get along ok with most ppl? Ya...

One thing for sure, No chinese dance if I join RJ.

Anyway, I think viz was e only person who cried yesterday ba... She got e... e... feel of leaving sch? While others (like me) were like eh... no wad still muz come back to school... Haiz steph we din cry again... Bleah

Stupid testimonial... why can't he write for us? Ok I noe it's like need to write 36 of 'em but well at least u dun have to tackle with Os right?

Good Day to U! And good luck to all for ya Os!

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