Friday, October 08, 2004

Flowers for u?

Wanted to type this in chinese but apparently most ppl won't be able to view it so ya... here goes...

I saw e wild flowers under the tree near the carpark. Unable to resist their beauty, I bent down to examine them.

When's the last time u actually paused to look at something which is really worth ur attention... & yet u din realise that it does worth ur attention? All u care abt is results/work... What abt the seemingly insignificant things in ur life? Like flowers? U really gain a lot just by viewing them... It can be viewed as another bio experiment where u've to dissect e flower, a poem, a story, a picture, a cartoon, a song... In fact, anything. Happy or neutral or sad...

That brings me to another issue... Did u realise that there are fewer chinese words that describe happiness than those which describe sadness?

wei4 he2 duo1 chou2 shan4 gan3?

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