Sunday, September 05, 2004


Ppl... U noe my parents dun have good command in English... Well... Ready for a joke? Or wadeva u call dat... Hmmm... Preferably called a blunder lar...

Mum lar... Bought 3 T-shirts (for me I guess) at 10 bucks today... And guess wad? She showed them to me and I was like totally shocked by the words imprinted on 2 of the shirts (They are 2 identical shirts... Juz that 1 is blue and another is orange) Well w/o the words the shirts will look perfectly fine but obviously the words made everything un-fine. I was sitting at the edge of the couch and nearly fell upon seeing those words. Well no point in keeping u guys in suspension...

*Do I (Not me not you but mabbe ppl in Geylang) make you feel horney?*

I was like WAH LAO wad on earth?! Mum could have ask the shop keeper for assistance... Who on earth hell is gonna wear T-shirts with these suggestive words imprinted on them? Okay nvm Mum doesn't understand English... Okay as long as we discard these shirts as quickly as possible... Mum was suggesting to let bro wear it... And I was like NO! No one is wearing those... Ppl will think my bro is ... when he's perfectly normal and shuai~

Anyway I tried to cross out the word lar... But failed attempt lar... So ya... They belong to the rubbish chute...

Wad else wad else... OH!!!! I gonna go find pics of Lin Feng now! Cya~

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