Friday, September 03, 2004


Was flipping through the pages of my past autograph books... All written by my p sch mates... As well as me lar! Very very very interesting... I wonder why we all put someone whom we dislike now as our best friend then... Well, some kiddy poems for you?

I have a pen,
My pen is blue
I have a friend,
My friend is you!

Birds fly high,
Hard to catch
Friends like you,
Hard to get

In jail, you get coffee
In jail, you get tea
In jail, you get everything
Except the key

Enid Blyton I am not
So i cannot write a lot
Just three words,
"Forget me not"

Drink hot coffee,
Drink hot tea,
Burn your lips
But dun forget ME!

Kick the table,
Kick the chair,
Kick your 男朋友
Down the stairs

No flour,
No bun,
No Me,
No fun!

April fool,
Go to school,
Tell ur teacher
She's a fool
She scold u
Take ur bag
And say ByeBye~

Hmm... Guess dat's some of the typical ones ba... Nowadays autographs mean to leave a msg or note for the person... Totally change... InterestinG! I've grown older......

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