Monday, September 27, 2004

Finally Wor...

Yoz Updating! (Finally...)

Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration at DES... Well it all went all quite well... IF I can continue to tolerate the ppl there with my limited patience and tolerance. Well actually hope I can lar... Dun like to hold grudges against anyone... Very tiring... Well I was emcee again like this was up to anyone's surprise (coz no one wants e job u see... And well... someone juz accepted it on my behalf w/o actually first asking for my opinion and hai4 me can't go and celebrated HZ's birthday?! Thx Kao... For fighting for my rights... Though it falls on deaf ears again... Thx Kao!) Well I'm damn glad that I screwed it up! =P My emcee... Hopefully I screwed it up anyway... Hopefully... Coz my Kao once told me that if u did smtg not v well for juz once, they won't ask u to do it again... And hopefully he's right. =) Cheerios for me! I hate e job!

Shenyang is honestly growing cuter and brighter each day... Of course he'll have to as he has such a great mum and dad! Saw him yesterday... There was this witty sparkle in his eyes~ Bet he'll grow up to be an intelligent and all-rounded boy...

And my internet connection truly sucks hell... Keep on and on d/cing me... Like *rolls eyes*

Anyway... Got back some of my results today... Aiya shan't elaborate lar... but well... After dis experience, Van oh and I realised that miracles can happen... And twice in a row~ Hahaha our 1st papers did not-very-well... And both of us were like "eh I dun think it's possible for me to get A1 le... How? Our only hope gone le..." THEN... after we got back our paper 2, it's realli miracle twice in a row (we're sitting next to each other)... Both of us got the mark required for us to reach A1!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG we were like cheering and laughing and patting and being siao for e next few minutes... Thank goodness it's not kong1 huan1 xi3 yi4 chang3...

Anyway... Hmmm... Shall add this as an afterthought.... Hope I can improve my English and get an A1!!! :)

Xiang xing wu di, xiang xing ming tian!

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