Friday, September 10, 2004


I believe everyone had funny dreams in their life before... For me, it's 2 days in a row! OMG very very very very weird dreams... 1 of them is like almost impossible... So ready? *ready*

Yesterday I was taking a nap... Fifteen min nap coz I can't stand it liao lar basically... Before that I was studying bio... So when I was abt to fall asleep, I was thinking of cornea, it being transparent and blah blah blah~ Then I fell asleep and everything began.

15 min only right... E dream is supposedly short ya? BUT my dream is long and come in different parts! Here goes...

1. Dreamt of my dance friend... Her name is Rachel and she had juz return recently to Dance Ensemble Singapore (Return coz she rejoined after quitting) And anyway....I was walking down the aisle and into a carpark when she approached me in this gold glittery leotard. And I think I told her that i forgot to bring cosmetic for performance (Mind u... That happened to me once) Then she asked my if I could see her br* from the back... (The br* is grey in colour) and I told her I can see a whole big part of it... Then she juz folded it (I wonder how...) and then walked away.

2. I jerked up... It was very late in the afternoon. I've been sleeping for the past few hours OMG... In the living room on the comfortable couch... Sheesh... Eh? How come there's like... Someone in the house watching Cantonese old movies? I looked towards the dining table and there they were, my dad and 2 aunties by his side... They were eating peanuts and watching the movie... Confused, I asked for my mum and dad said that she's not back yet... Which is quite impossible coz she only went to the marketplace! Den... Den... I dunno wad but was in e next dream again...

3. Woke uo (again...) and found that no one was home... Then I stared at the clock in the living room... There smtg very very very wrong abt it... U see, normally clocks have the no. 1...2...3... onwards on the right hand side... but guess wad? When I saw it, they've move their location to the left hand side! So I was very surprised and carried myself towards the clock... And when i moved back, still facing the clock, I saw that the no. actually moved! And I saw them like... No no.... I even saw another circle of no.! Inside the original circle of no. that is... Like so... Weird?

Then... I woke up... I thought I'm in trouble coz I slept for too long (I'm not supposed to sleep at that time coz I juz woke up u see...) but hey! Only 15 min! Exactly 15 min! So wad's with the dreams... I dunno anyone can tell me?

Well then today... Dreamt of weird stuff again so decided to blog early... Here goes...

My dance teacher, Ms Yap, from DES lar... Was instructing a group of dunno primary or secondary pupils lar... Modern chinese dance... And I realli dunno why... Maybe I realli miss Xiaoyou too much... Xiaoyou and I and a group of dunno wad ppl were watching them dance... With utmost interest... Then like, after watching their dance, I gave some comments to my Ms Yap (dancers... find it familiar?) Anyway I was quite appalled that she treated me as invisible... Like I wasn't there at all... HOWEVER, when Xiaoyou commented, (when does she learns how to comment!?) She took it down and said that she'll pay attention to those details that Xiaoyou had pointed out! Like OMG why liddat?!

Oh ya I also dreamt of Jue Shi Hao Ba ending... Dunno if it's true... Shall see...

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