Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Deprived of freedom, deprived of freedom, deprived of freedom.

PLEASE! I've been tied up at home for like dunno how many weeks already... Can't I just have a little break after prelims?! Can't I just go out with my friends to relax? For a change? Instead of being coop up at home having to suffer from the sight of books and worksheets and mock exam papers?! I'm already 16 like C'mon I'm 16! 16 S-I-X-T-E-E-N... Why can't I go out?! It's a big fat fact dat I AM SIXTEEN! And it's only Sentosa for a day... Not like I gonna stay over or smtg... Why can't I go? And oh man wad is it dat u said? OH YA... With u around I can go anywhere I like... PLEASE.... The feeling is different do u understand? I'll feel more restricted and won't be able to be myself... MYSELF u see... In ur eyes, why am I forever the little kid? I mean... At this age I do noe how to protect myself... I've seen so much and experience much more, WHY CAN'T I?!

I'm no longer the innocent little bird who seeks shelter under ur wings... It's time for ur wings to relax... I need to learn how to fly and u need to grant me the chance to.

It's raining... Looking out from my window, I can imagine myself flying... flying... flying...

dob: 11-02-1988
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