Sunday, August 22, 2004


Oh I forgot to update for so many days ah? Aiya... Shall summarise here den...

20th of Aug- Cross County Cancelled! Cool... Only ran twice b4... Sec 1 and 3. Went out with my beloved Xiao You, Mean Mean, Vanny, Stephy, Charms, Zanne zanne, Ah Leng, Bongie, Charl C, Lychee, Yaner and still got who ah... Aiya Can't rem. Only 1 disappointment... The bet which I had with Mean mean and Charms gone down the drain... That someone won't turn up for CC... Coz no one is turning up for CC! Charms was wondering if any NY ppl won't noe that CC was cancelled and I told her mabbe it's CSC (dat noctourous sec 1 u see...) Oh ya I also got to justify for myself smtg... Mean mean's appetite. Like WOW I din noe dat anyone as petite as she is has such a HUGE appetite. After she finished her food she managed to finish Xiao you's food... WoW mabbe Xiao you is right... She can be a piggie... hahaha~ Oh ya we took neoprints together! Quite nice except dat charms and I were blurred for e 1st round of neoprints taking...

21th of Aug- LI JIA WEI LOST! Well wad can we say? Sigh... I was like sitting at the edge of my sofa and had my eyes glued onto the TV... Esp for the last match... OMG it's like point for point! Li Jia Wei could have won! So near yet so far... Terrible... Sigh... Well whole family only me was concerned abt the results coz e others are not sports inclined... Neither am I lar but I'm juz interested... S'pore's pride mah... Study too much SS now become so patriotic liao lor... Hahaha...

22th of Aug- Pestering Xiao you to tell me wad's dat sound after e tabble tennis players score a point... Now. Tml is prelim chem pract... Must Jia You~
P.S. That sound... was actually that Korean opponent's barking! Like OMG!

Dat's all I guess... :) Good day to you!

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