Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Oooooo got my oral today! Well it was much better than wad I had in prelims... So i was quite... Hmm... Happy? Strangely I dun feel scared... Usually I do... Coz I dun like speaking formally... And the feeling of being surveyed by the teachers closely... Like speaking under much stress and oppression?! My brother is totally different from me lor... He is like... Aiyo I love oral coz u juz have to enter and speak wadever u have in mind den can le! His english is like pro lor! Totally rocks... Haiz why are we so different even though we have e same blood? Hms~

Anyway someone is angry with me AGAIN lor... This time lasts longer... Think it gonna lasts until tml when I've e confidence to face it and coax her... *My pimple is so huge can't stand it! I wanna pop it! YA! Juz glad dat it's not on e nose like Ngoh Ngoh's... Hahaha~ :P*

Hmm... NY spirit... Why has it gone to? Down the drain? Well for now I greatly doubt the value of our bonding with NYGH... Do we treat her simply as our place of torture? Or a place where u study and a tool u utilise in order to capture e A1s? If there's no NYGH, I won't get to know my friends here... I love my friends a lot... They're e ones who make everything cool and easy and free and sweet... Thx NYGH for allowing us to bond with each other!

And pls lor... Some of my friends said that Grad night is like... useless? Well, personally I dun think so... It's a day when we can really relax and be crazy... Like dat time at Lifeskills camp... I enjoyed it totally... And further more... It's probably e last day we'll get together as a class....

4/9 rules forever and ever and ever~

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