Monday, August 23, 2004

Can't Help Easing Myself...

Well... Chem prelim pract. Hmmm at least it's much better than wad I did last year EOY... Except that my paper is erm... Very very very dirty? U can't just blame me for my butter fingers... U must blame those who prepared the stuff for placing the solutions into bottles which have serious leaking problems. Hopefully the teachers who mark my script will not be appalled by e appearance of my paper and concentrate on e content of e paper. Well all e best! Jia You Ying! U can do it!

And now I'm really afraid that... Someone is a little bit intimidated by me... Pls dun be... Pls... I'm not that scary... Pls be my friend... Pls...

Ah well... After chem pract went hawker centre to have lunch with my parents. Mum called for chow guay diao. We haven't ate that for quite a long period of time. The aroma of chow guay diao reminded me of my childhood days... When I used to eat a plate of chow guay diao with my Mum and I always enjoyed picking out the "see ham" for her (coz I dun eat it...) But anyway it's really sweet now that we are able to reenact the scene again. As I ate, I looked at Mum and finally was able to appreciate the lines which age had gracefully etched onto her delicate face. I told myself... That I probably don't have much time to spend with her. Like wad charms said, I shall learn to treasure every single moment I have... With her and dad and bro and everyone else... Although i might not be able to say "I love you" everyday, I shall convey this message via my actions... Everyday.

Oh and at the hawker centre I saw 1 well... presumably bimbo ba... Waist length hair cascading down her shoulders, clad in sch u, probably ard our age, in this pair of high heels slippers or wadever u call dat, many bangles and bands ard her ankle, extremely short skirt, and bangles on the wrists if I'm not mistaken... She's flinging her hair ard, probably pretending that she has taken on an advertisement for shampoo. And worse, she's twirling her hair. Isn't dat just wad Mrs Seah said a typical action of bimbos? HuH...

My cat miaowed again... No one is giving it the attention that he wants... I better go play with it now... Cya! Have a nice day ahead!

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