Saturday, August 14, 2004

Another day...

WHOOSH! Sec 4 life w/o my friends will really suck... They add colours to my life! Thanx friends esp all my darlings! I love u all! (",)

Today is saturday... And all of us are not suppose to be in school... At least, not suppose to in school for like abt 9 hrs +... But after chem we had bio... So wad can we do? And we're Sec 4... So wad can we expect? Work (like duh?) and papers... Many of those... Well my friends make life like much sweeter... :)

Anyway I've being with my darling Xiao You for the entire day! I'm so happy~ I love my Xiao You~ She loves me too! We sat at the back of the conference room during bio... Only 2 of us at the back... She held my hand! Omg~ And during dance she kept looking at me! She can't take my eyes off me! Omg!
(Well simply because she has sweaty palms and wanted to "sweat" my hand and for dance... Well... Can't deny that I dance pretty well lar... But she's looking at me coz she can't rem. the steps...) So ppl... I'm straight... S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T kaez?

Ah someone is sad today... and pissed too! I wanna try my best to help! (",)
Dun worry be happy~ Try your best and God will do the rest!
(though i'm not a christian...)

Happy Day!

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